Expert Witness

CONSOLIDATED SPECTRUM SERVICES is pleased to offer our experience to the legal profession in telecommunication matters as an Expert Witness. Our engineers are thoroughly familiar with Title 47 of the Code of Federal Regulations, commonly known as the FCC Rules and Regulations, the Telecommunications Act and all aspects of wireless communications.

Members of our staff are available to act as an expert witness in communications matters.

Cellular Site Evaluation For Municipalities or Other Organizations

When a new Cellular Site is proposed to a municipality, the entity has the right to collect an application fee. The application fee is then used, in part or in full, to pay for our services. What we do is to confirm the Cell Carriers findings and make sure they are not in violation of the Telecommunications Act. Our engineering staff will plot coverage of the site. We have proven that some sites were not necessary. We have also been successful in having the height of the antennas reduced, as well as securing key concessions from the cell company. Consolidated Spectrum Services has provided these services to a number of local municipalities. Again, the application fee can be set to pay our fee or greater resulting in no cost to the municipality.

Request For Proposals

Our engineers write Request for Proposals (RFP) to rent space by communications carriers for municipalities, religious and other entities. There are many ways to either partially or entirely bock the visibility of the antennas and associated equipment. Carriers will always choose the lowest cost way, unless an alternative method is specified in the RFP.