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Network Applications Examples

Private Microwave
Data Links
Multiple Address/SCADA & Automatic Vehicle Location
Distance Learning & Video Conference
Remote Court Arraignment
Field Studies

Our engineering staff will conduct field studies to determine possible repeater, transmit and receiver sites. The result of the study is a report, which details proposed sites and indicates path clearances. We then determine received carrier levels/field strength, fade margins and path reliability between two or more points, or over a given area.

Communication Needs Assessment

Communications Needs Assessment involves the determination of the clients integrated system requirements. The cost benefit ratio of solutions are reported and reviewed with the customer. The system design is then finalized. We then provide bid specifications and analyze the resulting bids for cost and technical compliance.

Our services extend to seeing the project through to completion. The construction process is then audited to insure that it complies with the design goals for technical parameters and key timing. Finally, we “proof out” the completed system to see that it agrees with predicted results.

These services are valuable to those customers seeking to obtain the greatest benefit from their proposed system as well as insuring timely implementation.

Inter-modulation Studies

At individual sites inter-modulation product studies are offered. These studies show if a transmitter or receiver being added to a communications site will cause interference due to the fundamental frequency or direct harmonic.

Click Here to Download an Inter-modulation Study SpreadSheet (Excel Form)

Accuracy of Terrain Database Used for Path/Area Computer Plots

The terrain elevation information contained in our database is always updated in accuracy to the latest as generated by the United States Geologial Survey (USGS). We also have data for parts of Canada and Mexico. A prescribed averaging process is used for points in-between.

Computer Field Strength Study Models

Using the results of Path Plots, several types of field strength plot overlay/superimposition are offered. The type of study and model is based upon frequency, communication service and terrain. The results provide an accurate prediction of the coverage of a communications system. Click Here to see the various engineering models utilized.